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General Management / C-Suite

The top echelon and most influential individuals at a real estate organization... Senior executives that have reached one of the highest positions in companies, they hold the leadership role for their employees. These positions should have knowledge of the inner workings and technical know-how of their respective field they have responsibility of. However, above all other skill-sets they may hold, their leadership and business expertise for their companies are of the highest importance. Responsibilities of such senior members in organizations would require regular communications with other similar senior positions to ensure all strategies and current operations are aligned with the company goals and ambitions which comes with a high risk decision making and rigorous workloads. For example, a CFO would have to simultaneously work with his or her analysts and senior executives to determine if potential projects are in-line with the company's criteria while generating the required rate of returns for their partners or investors.

Role / Company Location Posted
Director of Brokerage DevelopmentERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors Costa Mesa, CA May 7, 2021
Managing Director, ProgramsInstitute for Market Transformation Washington, DC May 3, 2021
Assistant General Manager - Hobbs Brook Real EstateFM Global Wakefield, MA Apr 22, 2021
General Manager-Commercial Real EstateFM Global Waltham, MA Apr 22, 2021
Rosewood Realty Group is offering an internship New York NYRosewood Realty Group NY Apr 21, 2021
Assistant Property ManagerDMP Properties Newport Beach, CA Apr 20, 2021
COO for Multifamily Real Estate Development Company - RemoteConfidential FL Apr 19, 2021
Director of PlanningUtah Transit Authority Salt Lake City, UT Apr 19, 2021
Rosewood Realty Group is offering an internship New York New York New YorkRosewood Realty Group NY Apr 15, 2021
Real Estate ManagerNemours Children's Health System Jacksonville, FL Apr 9, 2021

Looking to the future

With great leadership, comes great foresight. As we move into the future, senior executives of organizations must be kept up to speed with trends and the macroeconomics of the real estate industry. Their future projections of the market will drive the direction of their respective company investment strategies and lead their employees on the same path. At current high points in the real estate cycle, the senior positions could be pushing their focus away from aggressive acquisitions to extracting the most value out of existing assets. Technology will also play a major impact on C-Suite's responsibilities. As software continue to advance, there will be improved portfolio optimization tools and cost management programs for CEOs to draw any required data and CFOs to design the most cost efficient structures for their company and their assets.


Skills Required

  • Great leadership skills
  • Technical and technological software skills
  • Strategic and execution skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Organization and management skills