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The Shidler Group

The Shidler Group
The Shidler Group

The Shidler Group invests in the formation and capitalization of real estate-related companies and new investment initiatives, including the acquisition and ownership of individual properties and portfolios. 

Since its founding in 1972, The Shidler Group has become one of the nation’s most successful commercial real estate investment organizations. Through its affiliates, The Group has acquired and managed over 2,000 properties located across the country comprising over 150 million leasable square feet.

The Shidler Group has also been the founding investor in numerous companies that have issued in excess of $11 billion of debt and equity securities, $8.3 billion through real estate-related entities.

Central to The Shidler Group’s success is a disciplined, research-driven approach to evaluating concepts and transforming ideas into profitable businesses and investments, whether that be a new investment initiative destined to become a public company or the acquisition of real estate through a structured transaction.

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